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About Nation’s Fight Night

Nation’s Fight Night (NFN) is making it’s grand debut in the nation’s capital this year, bringing a dynamic new flair to a tradition that is hailed as one of the most iconic sports in America—boxing!

The premier boxing and entertainment series is making a big splash in the community that will make waves across the nation. Each quarterly event is dedicated to making a difference in the community in loving memory of co-founder and entertainment industry magnate, LaMont “Monte” Wanzer, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting local area non-profit organizations in an effort to raise awareness and support for deserving community causes. Nation’s Fight Night will feature celebrity hosts, entertainment icons, legendary boxers, and a heavy-hitting line-up of boxing champions taking center stage in nation’s capital for a knock-out night of entertainment, philanthropy and stars.

NFN’s unique fusion of boxing, entertainment and philanthropy will create a stellar platform for fans to convene for a fun and meaningful purpose. Our mission is to celebrate Washington’s historic boxing culture and community, while creating an entertaining, meaningful and lasting experience for our audiences. Heavy-weights from business, government, philanthropy, sports, and entertainment are set to enjoy a memorable series of boxing, entertainment and musical performances—all in the fight to make a positive impact in the community! Let’s get ready to rumble!